About the history of the inn

History of the Inn


In 1989 the Schnetzer family immigrated to Nova Scotia from Austria, choosing this area because it reminded them of their home land.  They constructed this style home, which is unique to Canada, but typical to the homes found in the foothills of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  The Schnetzer family completed building this 6,000 square foot Alpine style house in 1992 on 3 acres of land located only 1 km from the Bay of Fundy, near Middleton, Nova Scotia.


Originally named Austria Inn, it was a popular site and a destination for the locals and tourists alike.  Though, since 2007, most of the building sat quiet until being bought by Barbara “and family” in the spring of 2021. 


After almost over a year and a half of renovations and repairs, new life was breathed into the building and now, once again, welcomes guests from Nova Scotia and around the world… welcome to the Edelweiss Inn Nova Scotia!