Things to Do

As a courtesy to our guests, we have listed some places of interest and other businesses and activities in the area.  Please note, that we are not affiliated with these businesses.  Please contact the businesses directly for details regarding admission prices (if any) and hours of operations.  Some of these businesses only operate seasonally.

The Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy tides turn about every 6.5 hours. You can watch the extraordinary sunsets from the balconies of the Edelweiss Inn or enjoy a short stroll down Mount Hanley road and sit on the volcanic rock that makes up the shoreline.


When the tide is out you will want to hunt for treasures washed up on the rocks, watch for seals sunbathing or playing Peek-a-Boo with you! Cottage Cove Provincial Park in Port George is 1.7 kms away, is a great place to have picnic. In May, Port George, hosts its annual Bluegrass Festival, and in July, its annual Country Music Jamboree. Port George has its own lighthouse, seen at the roadside, and just down the road in Cottage Cove there lies an historic wharf. The wharf will be refurbished as part of the Nova Scotia government's

commitment to preserve the heritage.

Attractions in proximity to Edelweiss Inn Nova Scotia

Middleton Railway Museum

The Middleton Railway Museum is filled with pictures, signs and models from the bygone days of railroading in the Annapolis Valley. The Dominion Atlantic Railway station and freight shed of 1917 is found at 61 School Street off Route 1.


An extensive collection of railway memorobilia is on display with many historic artifacts including railroad implements from past years, antique station paraphernalia and railway uniforms of bygone days. There are historical books, manuscripts and pictures from Middleton and the surrounding area.


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McMaster Mill Historical Park

The McMaster Mill Historical Park Loop is a 2.6 km lightly trafficked out and back trail located near South Tremont that features a waterfall and is rated as a moderate hike. 


An incredible spot with something for everyone! Ruins of an old mill site, a well developed trail on the west side of the river with park benches and picnic tables, several view points of the rapids and falls, and even some evidence of rock climbing.  The trail on the east side of the river is a wilderness trail with roots and rocks.  To get down to the river is pretty steep, but even if you don't go down, this is well worth the hike.


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Fort Anne National Historic Site

Step foot onto one of the most hotly contested pieces of land on the entire continent which became Canada’s first administered National Historic Site in 1917: Fort Anne. The land on which Fort Anne now stands is part of the traditional homeland of the Mi’kmaq. In recent centuries, a succession of Scottish, French, and English settlers clashed over this prize on the banks of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis River, often drawing the Mi’kmaq into their conflict. Fort Anne was the site of thirteen attacks, seven change of hands, and the ratification of the Treaty of Boston.


Today, visitors can walk the earthen walls, explore the 1797 Officers' Quarters Museum and soak up thousands of years of Canadian history.


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Beaver Creek Vineyards Organic & Biodynamic

Beaver Creek Vineyards strives to make wines of utmost quality borne from viticulture practices that are in alignment with nature. Beaver Creek Vineyards is an eco-friendly, organic and biodynamic certified boutique winery specializing in limited production, estate wines as well as select wines from exclusive organic or biodynamic certied vineyards. Harvests are done by hand, choosing only the best grapes for Beaver Creek wines.


The same caliber of organic practices present in their vineyards, also take place in the cellar. Their winemaking process is completely natural with no additives whatsoever. With the goal of creating the purest wines possible, Beaver Creek wines are hand crafted from beginning to end and meticulously aged in French Oak barrels.


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Port George

Port George is a seaside community located in Annapolis County. It is a former port situated on the Bay of Fundy, 11 km north of Middleton, Nova Scotia just across North Mountain.


The original name given to the area by the native Mi'Kmaq was "Goolwagopskooch" meaning "Haunt of the Hooded Seal". Originally settled in 1760, it is thought to have been resettled in 1812 and named for King George III.


Recognisable landmarks on its shorefront are the historic pepperpot lighthouse and the steeple of the old United Baptist church.


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James House Museum

James House is our community’s museum.  As such, it serves as the depository and archive for many artifacts, documents, photographs, etc.; the “stuff” that symbolizes and reminds each of us about the Community’s near and distant past... our history.


An important part of that history is our military history preserved within James House in the Memorial Military Museum, sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 33.  A small Victorian garden is maintained behind the House.


The Bridgetown and Area Historical Society care for the James House Museum and, it is now a designated Provincial Heritage Property.


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Evergreen Theatre 
Live Music

In 1991 the Fundy Folk Association was formed as a Society with the objectives of developing the culture of the Annapolis Valley Region and providing employment for local performers. The initial performances took place in the Margaretsville Fire Hall and over time developed into a mix of local and professional performers.  Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity and in 1999 Fundy Folk found a place of its own to host performances.


In its 20-year history, the Evergreen has developed from a local amateur talent event to a professional venue. It is known across Nova Scotia, and further afield, as a surprising jewel in the travelling performance circuit around the Maritimes.


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Margaretsville Lighthouse

In 1856, residents of Margaretsville, which was known then as Margaretville, began petitioning for a lighthouse to mark the local pier.


After Sir Brenton Halliburton offered to provide the needed land at no cost, a formal lighthouse was constructed at Margaretsville in 1859. The lighthouse, a square wooden tower with sloping sides, was built in the common pepper-shaker style and featured a wide black horizontal stripe early on. The black stripe is the only daymark of this colour in all of Nova Scotia. At the time, Margaretsville was an important transportation hub, being connected to Saint John by steamship and to various parts of Nova Scotia by rail.


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Mikmaw Place Names